Bonita Machina is a multidisciplinar studio and net label working on art, sound and code.
Aesthetics and binaries for the five senses.

Adrià Gil

Voltages in the bit era

Producer and studio wizard, focused on electronic and underground music but also a live music performer, an interaction designer and developer of software + electronic machinery.
All together are my toolset for approaching audio & visual production.
Lover of digital arts, open source projects and analog equipment.

Performer at Venecia Flúor (2019~)
Founder Bonita Machina (2014~)
Producer of Las Bistecs (2011~)
Producer of NUS (2016~)
Music Producer & Sound Designer Freelance (2009~)
Course Advanced C++ Programming, CEPI-BASE (2009-2010)
B.S. Multimedia Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC (2005-2009)
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Alba Rihe

Cultural Inciter

My visual projects are a connexion between the tangible origin in balance with an aesthetic message which invites the audience to be part of the work.
The many different cultural productions converge in different technics that can be seen as a constant progress indicator in a perfect language traced from the artistic experience.

Performer at Venecia Flúor (2019~)
Founder Bonita Machina (2014~)
Performer of Las Bistecs (2013~)
Illustrator at Morbid Laws (2013~)
Artist & Multidisciplinary Cultural Agitator Freelance (2010~)
B.A. Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona (2012)

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