Multi-touch surface application for 'Los Grecos del museo' exhibition at Bilbao BBK Museum.

El Greco interactive paintings


In collaboration with DigaliX Solutions for the museum.

Using tactile surfaces designed and crafted in-house by DigaliX we were able to develop a simple but powerful application for a temporary exhibition about El Greco paintings.
Up to forty simoultaneous touch points and smart gestures to interact for the first time with the most tiny details of 'El Greco' paintings in a 42 inches display.
Images can be sacled up to 9000 pixels in both directions -paitings, infrared, x-ray and materials-.
Touch interaction was developed using the DigaliX C++ framework and DirectX.

More information about the exhibition
An article on the newspaper

table model 'bend' used in the installation

infrared analysis from 'La Anunciación' (1596 - 1600)

x-ray analysis from 'La Anunciación' (1596 - 1600)

material analysis from 'La Anunciación' (1596 - 1600)
images part of the footage included within the app